As the temperature outside begins to drop and you’re spending more and more time indoors,it’s easy to forget about the outdoors. It’s important to prepare the outside of your home for harsh winter weather, especially living in an area of frequent coastal storms and high winds.
Although it’s not winter just yet, taking the some preventative measures now will help prevent storm damage to your fence. You never know when the first snowflake will fall!

Trim Trees

To avoid tree limbs crushing your fence, trim any overhanging limbs. Also, remove any dead or dying trees near your fence, as they are likely to uproot and fall during a storm.

Put Yard Objects Away
Anything that the high winds can pick up and move is a potential threat to not only your fence, but also your car and home, and your neighbors’ cars and homes. It’s best to put patio furniture, trash cans, grills, flowerpots and other lawn decorations in the garage or an enclosed area for the winter.

Make Necessary Repairs

High winds can potentially push over a fence with existing damage. Be sure to fix or replace any broken or loose posts and boards so your fence stays sturdy.

Secure Gates
Consider using a drop rod, padlock or chain to secure your fence gates shut during high winds.

This will keep your gates from slamming against your fence or house, or getting ripped off in the wind. If you don’t think your current fence will make it through the cold months ahead, Murphy Fence Company can install a brand new, solid fence that will last throughout winter and beyond. Contact Murphy Fence Company at (609) 886-1635 for an in-home price estimate at no cost. Browse Murphy Fence’s selection of wood, chain link, vinyl and aluminum fence products at, or visit the showroom conveniently located at 507 Seashore Rd., Cape May.