Summer is in full swing, and we’re sure the kids are making a SPLASH in this heat! Swimming in the sunshine is always a fun summer experience for pool owners, but have you ever considered making your pool a safer area? We at Murphy Fence are here to share with you three reasons why installing fencing around your pool is a great investment.

1. Safety. The number one reason to install fencing around your pool is safety. With the safety barrier of a fence surrounding your pool, you don’t have to worry about children and pets accessing the pool unsupervised. New Jersey residential swimming pool safety is regulated by the NJ BOCA CODE. It’s always a good idea to check with your municipality for the local regulations in your area.   

2. Security. A fence around your pool will keep strangers from accessing your pool when you aren’t home. Additionally, a fence will keep neighborhood children from wandering into your yard and potentially having an accident.

3. Convenience. With a fence around your pool, you can sit down and relax in your backyard with peace of mind, knowing your children and pets are safe without you having to follow them around the yard. Another convenience, a fence will help you manage your pool accessories, keeping your flotation devices and toys contained in one area.

Murphy Fence Company specializes in an assortment of fence types to enclose your pool, but promotes glass as being a wonderful option. Glass fencing has undeniable aesthetic appeal, allowing the convenience of a fence without obstructed views so homeowners can still enjoy the beauty of their pool. Also, when children are swimming in the pool, adults can easily keep an eye on them through the clear fence. Additionally, homeowners spend less time and money on the maintenance of glass fencing. Glass won’t rust and isn’t affected by moisture like chain link, and glass doesn’t need to be treated, stained or painted like wood.

If you’re considering glass fencing or another type of fencing for your pool, contact Murphy Fence Company at (609) 886-1635 for more information and to request an estimate. Browse Murphy Fence’s selection at murphyfence.com, or visit the showroom conveniently located at 507 Seashore Road in Cape May.