All of our Cedar Fence is made from 100% Northern White Cedar and is constructed on the premises. We refuse to cut corners and use inferior pine or spruce back rails. We build our wood fence products with pride and back them with a workmanship guarantee.


Each section has an overall length of eight (8) feet. All of our styles are available in a variety of heights including but not limited to 3, 4, 5, and 6 foot. 3 and 4 foot heights are constructed with 2 cedar back rails and 5 and 6 foot heights have 3 cedar back rails for extra strength and durability. Our fence sections are assembled with galvanized nails not substandard zinc coated nails or staples.

Our 4×4 posts are specially treated and come in a variety of top styles. Cedar post caps are also available to create your custom look. Matching walk gates are made to size and each gate is inverted V-braced for sturdiness and can be hinged from either side. Matching drive gates are also available in all heights.

Murphy Fence Company will custom install your new fence or you may choose to install it yourself. In either case we recommend your posts to be installed at least 30 inches in the ground and secured with concrete. A well-made and installed fence will enhance the beauty of your home as well as offer protection and privacy.