Just because summer’s over doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying the outdoors! Autumn nights are beautiful, providing colorful fall foliage and just the right cool breeze. It the perfect time of year to cozy up around the fire with family and friends before Old Man Winter keeps you cooped up inside. 

Murphy Fence Company has the perfect way to add to this outdoor ambiance: low voltage LED lighting. Hard-wired low voltage LED lighting is a unique way to add extra lighting to your fence, deck, porch, balcony or railing. These mounted lights add a distinct accent to your outdoor living space, creating an inviting atmosphere that you’ll want to relax in any time of the year. 

These low-voltage LED lights require only a traditional 110V outlet, wire and transformer. It’s the new way to go green and reduce energy costs! In addition to energy efficiency, this light source remains cool to the touch, avoiding any safety hazards. 

Murphy Fence Company’s low-voltage LED lights feature a low-profile design that can go virtually anywhere, including under many types of railings and fences. Pictured is the low-voltage lighting paired with a glass railing and vinyl components, creating a charming effect outside of the Marquis de Lafayette Hotel in Cape May. Additionally, the hard-wired system lets you control the lighting, allowing for easy, personalized use. 

This lighting system will create both style and grace for your fence, deck, porch, balcony or railing. Use it for entertaining guests in your outdoor getaway, or simply to showcase the beauty of your home. 

If you’re ready to add this captivating lighting to your fence, deck, porch, balcony or railing, contact Murphy Fence Company at (609) 886-1635 for more information and to request an estimate. Browse Murphy Fence’s selection at, or visit the showroom conveniently located at 507 Seashore Road in Cape May.